Message from Bikram Jaswal ,   
President and CEO of Alaris Aerospace Systems LLC

Bikram Jaswal President & CEO

Bikram Jaswal, President and CEO

Welcome to the Alaris Aerospace Code of Conduct website. 

It has always been my vision to build a company based on openness, trust and respect for one another, one that provides a safe and welcoming workplace where everyone’s contributions are encouraged and appreciated.  The result is Alaris, a model organization that we can point to with pride, knowing we do things right.

To truly lead, we must follow the rule of law and the regulations that define our industry in every community in which we do business, for the safety of our employees and associates and the protection of our brand and reputation.  Doing things the Alaris Way is not only good corporate citizenship, it is good business. 

"We know that honesty inspires trust and that all relationships require direction, communication and commitment.”                    

The ethics standards and compliance policies contained in this website assure that all Alaris employees, associates, partners and representatives have a guide to best practices and proper business conduct.  The Alaris Code of Conduct informs our individual business decisions and actions, giving us a clear path to ethical business behavior.  

It also bestows responsibilities on all of us to safeguard our corporate integrity:  if we don’t know something, we ask; if we have concerns, we express them; if we see something wrong, we say something.  

Alaris has retained an independent third party to administer our ethics phone line and manage compliance-related issues.  Employees and associates who use our 1-844-227-3322 toll-free phone line or submit a request/report online to raise a question, voice a concern or report a suspected violation of the Alaris Code of Conduct can be assured that their communication is completely confidential, anonymous, if desired, and responded to quickly – without fear of reprimand, recrimination or retaliation.

There is nothing so hard to earn or quick to lose as one’s good name. Working together we can ensure that the Alaris name is respected by all. In the end, HOW we conduct our business is as important as the business we conduct.

Thank you,